The controller (Der Fellhof VertriebsGmbH, Austria) would like to use the following services in order to process your personal data. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact with you more closely. Please select, if appropriate, the following options:


Provided you are acting as a consumer, you can revoke your contract in writing (letter, fax, e-mail) within a month without having to state a reason, or by returning the goods in their original, unused sate (incl. original packaging). A written confirmation of revocation/cancellation of the contract will again be sent to you individually. The period in which cancellation is possible commences one day after you receive goods and a written copy of the wording of the contract. To comply with the terms of cancellation you are required to send the revocation declaration or return the goods within this period.
Revocation/Cancellations should be sent to:
Der Fellhof VertriebsGmbH
Eisenstraße 1
A-5322 Hof bei Salzburg
Fax: +43-6229-36770-15
If you are sending your returns from a different country, please contact us via
In the case of a revocation of contract the goods and payments received by both parties are to be returned/refunded and where applicable, any benefits (e.g. interest) incurred should also be issued. Should it only be possible for you to return the goods in part, or return the goods in a deteriorated condition, compensation for lost value must be paid. This does not apply to deterioration of the goods caused by necessary inspection of the goods – comparable to inspection which would normally take place in a retail store – or when the deterioration can be attributed to standard designated use of the goods.
Costs incurred in returning the goods are to be borne by the customer providing the delivered goods comply with the order made and when the price of the returned goods does not exceed 120 Euro, or when the price of the returned goods exceeds 120 Euro and, at the point of revocation, payment or the agreed instalment or prepayment has not yet been made. Otherwise the returning of goods is free of charge for the customer.
Reimbursement payment obligation must be met within 30 days of the date of dispatch of your written revocation.
Unless otherwise stipulated or agreed upon in advance, the right of revocation does not exist when distance selling contracts involve the delivery of goods which have been especially tailor-made according to the clients specifications, or have clearly been manufactured to suite a clients special requirements, or when the nature of the product makes it unsuitable for return e.g. are perishable, or have past their sell-by date.
You are entitled to return the goods to us freight collect without prior notice. Please consider that in this case the post offices charges us EUR 12,00 for this service. We would therefore ask you to contact us beforehand or to pre-pay the postage adequately.